Light, san serif, monospace and unicase. A mix of sci-fi and nature. These are the features of ESNOP.
Without any references and a blank canvas I started developing the font. Built only with 2 shapes; a round corner and a straight line, all constructed in a grid of 4×3. With only those 2 pieces I've been able to create a full alphabet and set of characters.

Even though it is unicase, I decided to create different characters for upper and lower case, for aesthetic reasons only, to give a bit of variety and playability to the font.

Its mainly use is for display titles and headers, but it's still legible in small sizes.

Building a typeface was a truly rewarding process. I wanted to immerse myself into all the steps it takes to build a font, to understand and learn trough practice. From the first sketches, to using various software, font structure, etc. There is no better way to learn than to try and build something yourself.