“I am an artist who likes to make sense of things.”

Hey there! I’m Talía {ta·lee·ah}, friends call me Tali. Not a common Spanish name!

Grew up drawing and loving video games, I was able to merge both to find my true passion and career as a UI/UX Artist. I am fascinated by video game development, from the design and creativity to the technical side of it. I love the challenge of figuring things out. I enjoy working alongside others, sharing and helping in anything I can. I’m very proactive, always willing to find solutions and ways to improve me as a professional and the project.

I have more than 5 years of experience in mobile and console/AAA development. Creating UI’s that enhance gameplay and strive for a good user experience is my main focus, particularly for PC and console games.

I go through life enjoying gaming, cinema/shows, astronomy, photography; sometimes merging the last two, DIY’s, fish keeping, foraging mushrooms and learning everything there is to learn. Thank you for taking the time to check my Portfolio.

Yes, I like Piña Coladas 🍹 and getting caught in the rain 🌧️


See? Not stars. They’re doors.
Doors to…?
To everywhere. All that’s left is the choosing.